We’ve been making and selling golf trolleys for over 30 years. We’re long term golf nuts who look at a lovely piece of scenery and mentally turn it into par 3’s and tricky doglegs. Golf is very much in our blood.

We’ve chosen to design and make the GoKart electric golf trolley in the UK. That enables us to muster a team of people that we know well and we trust to make the GoKart the very best it can be. We’re proud to offer a British product made with care.

The main frame of the GoKart is very dark grey (ask 100 people and 95 would probably call it black). There is then a choice of six highlight colours; black, blue, green, red, pink and orange. The second colour applies mainly to all bits of the trolley such as the battery handle, the speed roller, the frame lock etc.

There are two types of battery; traditional lead/acid, or lithium. The lead/acid battery is the heavy one. Lithium is  a much newer technology, and has several advantages. Although lithium is more expensive to buy in the first place, it’s cheaper in the long run because it can last about 3 or 4 times longer before it needs replacing.

There’s a finger operated speed roller on the handle to adjust the speed, which combined with an on/off switch, makes it really easy keep the trolley matched to your walking pace.

We thought carefully about folding and unfolding the trolley. When it’s raining and you’re late for the first tee the last thing you want to do is faff around with connecting bits and putting battery wires together.

With the GoKart you just unfold the frame and drop the battery into place to lock the whole thing together – without even having to connect anything up. It’s so quick you’ll soon have an amazed audience. Chunky handles make it easy to lift (apart from the fact it only weighs in at 8.2kg) and quick release wheels are also nice touches to make life with a GoKart that bit easier.

Why do golfers choose the GoKart electric golf trolley?


The GoKart has just two controls. An on/off switch and a variable speed roller.

Choose your look AND

GoKart is available in a range of nifty colours, with an ever expanding selection of accessories.

Fold it up and it disappears!

We joke in the advertising that if it were any smaller you’d lose it in your car boot.

Unrivalled customer service,
30 years experience

We really have been at this malarkey for more years than we care to remember.

Award winning design

We came up with the idea of the GoKart and worked with a team of design experts.

warranty, 1 YEAR ON TROLLEY,

What can we say? We are confident in our products and offer unmatched aftersales service

Ian MacKenzie

I was very fortunate to see the GoKart trolley at the merchandise tent at the Million Dollar Golf tournament. I was impressed with the sturdiness of the cart and the simplicity of its assembly and immediately purchased it. Since then I have had no regrets over my spontaneous decision and in fact have recommended to various golfing colleagues particularly as the after sales service is outstanding.

Hennie van der Merwe

I bought my Gokart about 10 years ago from Bio Marketing. It was only a pleasure doing business with Linda and Karl. They are always very helpful if there is any problem with my Gokart or if a part needs replacing. I am extremely happy with my trolley and the service I received from Bio Marketing and I will recommend them to anyone.

George Burness

Have to give Go-Kart trolley 5 stars for an excellent product at a very reasonable price.

In addition, the after sales service is carried out efficiently with the personnel a delight to deal with.


I’ve had my Go Kart golf trolley for over 10 years now. Very pleased with it and the very good service I've received from the agents, Bioflow Magnotherapy Products and Gokart Golf Trolleys

H. Teague

I have found the Gokart trolley services provided by Karl & Linda to be very reliable & knowledgeable.

I would not hesitate to recommend their product & service.


I have had my pink GoKart trolley for 10 years and still going so strong! I’ve had the most unbelievable service from Linda & Karl - from replacing battery to a Lithium battery and a full service after 10 years 😀That is testimony to a good quality golf cart with excellent back up service! Thank you to you both!

Joe & Sheran

My wife uses the Go Kart trolley. She is on her second one now and extremely happy. It is a very light golf trolley making it easy to unload and load in car. Good service from the agents.

keeping your gokart happy

There’s not a lot to do really. You’ll get extra brownie points (as well as longer battery life) if you charge your battery quickly after you play. When it’s mucky, give it a clean up to avoid any build up of mud. But apart from that, just use it lots. 

The GoKart won’t rust or scratch, it won’t fade or discolour. You’ll be pristine year after year after year.