So why is the GoKart different? Well we designed it to be!

From the very start we knew we wanted to use new materials, in a new way.  Modern computer aided design transformed our scribbles into an electric golf trolley that not only looked good, but was also surprisingly strong.  We opted for reinforced thermoplastic polymers (plastic to you and me) and the end result is pretty impressive.

Miles (and miles and miles) of test fairways ensured that the GoKart powered golf trolley kept all its promises. We wanted it to be light (it is, 8.2 kg), we wanted it to be easy to use (yep), we wanted it to fold to nothing (we learnt origami – have you noticed how little it is?), we wanted to give you all those extras that make a difference; handles for easy lifting, scorecard, ball and tee holders, left/right handed operation, quick release wheels…furry dice. They’re all there (well nearly).

But we also wanted to dazzle you with science, so we thought hard and came up with a really neat slot in battery system (no fiddly connectors), computerised motor management and a patented new drive system.

We get a bit over excited about technical stuff (sorry, we’re geeks) but when you see some of our specs you’ll surely find it hard to control yourself too…

Motor and motor controller:
12V permanent magnet DC motor, 230W output. Controlled via hand operated switch and potentiometer and a microprocessor driven engine management system.

Drive unit:
Drive is transmitted to both main wheels through our patented, high efficiency gearbox, incorporating an integrated differential and clutch mechanism.

Various thermoplastic polymers with glass reinforcement in parts critical to strength

Trolley 8.2Kg, lithium battery 2.1Kg, lead/acid battery 6.5Kg

Rechargeable Lithium or Lead/Acid. Sealed and non-spillable, valve regulated and
maintenance free. 18 hole battery 22Ah.

Three stage timer charger. Input voltage AC100-240V/50/60Hz, Output voltage 14.5V in charge mode, 13.5V in standby mode, output current max 3A

questions? and answers!

Does the GoKart need any maintenance?

Best to have it serviced every 2 to 3 years, to keep it in optimal performance.   Just like you would keep your car serviced regularly.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

6 – 8 hours, depending on how much the battery is depleted.


How many holes does the battery last?

With a battery in good condition,  more than 18 holes.  However, it’s best not to discharge the battery fully by playing another 18 holes with it, as it shortens the life of the battery.  Put the battery on charge as soon as you get home.

How long will a new battery last before it needs replacing?

This is going to sound like it’s written by a politician, but it really is difficult to give a straight answer. There’s a wide variation. Some factors that make a difference are; weight of golf bag, frequency of use, temperature (batteries aren’t as efficient in cold weather), recharging promptly after use,  and staying on the fairway helps a bit too. Besides all that, there can be a variation between two batteries even if they’re used in identical conditions. Sometime between 1 year for a lead acid and 3 years for a lithium. If you treat your battery well it should last longer.

I don’t know whether to get the 18 hole or Lithium battery. Help!

Most people take the 18 hole battery as it is much more affordable.  If you play 36 holes in a day you could purchase a second battery.  The 18 hole battery will eat any course you throw at it for breakfast, and still be wagging its tail ready for more. It’s really powerful, and will even do 27 on one charge with all but the heaviest of bags. If you do opt for two batteries please remember to alternate them. This will get the best use out of both.    This Lithium battery is much lighter and will last 2 to 3 times longer than the 18 Hole battery, but is approximately 5 times more expensive.

I’ve already got an electric golf trolley battery. Can I use it with the GoKart?

Yes, as long as it’s the right size, we can supply you with a fitting kit. A small amount of DIY effort is involved but there are really clear instructions to follow, and from a save-the-planet point of view, as much as we’d really love to sell you a new battery, if there’s some life left in your old one then we’re keen for you to use it.

What if I have a problem?

You can call our team of technical experts who’ll work out what needs to be done to get you up and running again.  If we can’t help you on the phone, you can send it to us for repairs. If it’s a battery or charger problem we’ll send you a new one straight away. You shout, we jump.

Where can I see a GoKart?

The GoKart is only available to buy direct from us.  Our offices are in Midrand for you to view them.

How long do you take to deliver?

We usually despatch between 1 and 3 days of receiving an order (this can vary due to seasonal demand or unusual circumstances, but we’d let you know if this were to happen). Delivery is between 1 and 4 working days.   If you have a particular deadline (birthday/holiday/forgot anniversary guilt), let us know and we’ll bend over backwards, turn somersaults and triple saltos to fit in with your plans.

Is it OK to take the GoKart battery on a plane?

Check with your airline.

Will any golf bag fit the GoKart?

Any standard bag will fit.

Does the GoKart freewheel?

Yes. It freewheels in the direction it drives, so forward. This means that if you do have a problem you can still trundle the trolley in front of you.

What kind of slope can a GoKart cope with?

Anything you can get up without climbing gear. Seriously, we’ve tested the trolley on some really extreme courses, and it eats them all for breakfast. The reason for this is our rather muscular 230W motor, which quietly pumps iron in the garage while you’re not looking.

What if I forget my battery?

You’re a bit stuck. The battery, when clicked into position, is an integral part of the trolley, holding the whole unit together. Life is not fun with a floppy GoKart. Expect derision.

How fast does a GoKart go?

Fast. We haven’t put it on a running machine but at full pelt you’d need a steady jog to keep up with it. When speed golf follows the trend for speed dating etc, we’re ready for it. The motor once again is the culprit.

What’s the maximum weight a GoKart can carry?

We need to be more specific here. The maximum weight it can carry is two (supposedly adult) men riding on one trolley around the GoKart office. Testing was however cut short when they crashed into the photocopier. In a sensible situation on the golf course, you wouldn’t want more than about 15kgs on the trolley. We don’t say this is a maximum, but if you volunteer to carry everyone else’s stuff you will have to buy a battery more often than if you kept quiet. We leave it up to you. Mind the photocopier though.

I have two batteries and I use them in rotation. Do I need two chargers?

No. The important point to remember is that once charged, our batteries stay fully charged for several weeks when disconnected from the charger. The method with two batteries and one charger is as follows: Starting with both batteries fully charged, have one on the charger and one standing by off the charger. When you play, use the battery which is NOT on charge. When you come back, take the other battery off charge and put the one just used on charge. Repeat this routine every time and you will use each battery equally and will never go out to play with a flat battery (on your golf trolley).

Your trolley makes my car dirty. Do you make a bag to put the GoKart in?

Yes, we make a really nice bag. It’s tough, has a proper zip that won’t break, and it’s just the right size to make your GoKart feel loved and all cuddly and warm.

Can I sit down when I play golf with my GoKart?

Yes, you need the GoKart seat. It’s really easy to er…sit on.

Do you offer a vegetarian option?

That’s just silly.

Can I get wing mirrors for my GoKart?

Yes, but only as part of a kit that includes 22 spotlights, a Vespa badge and a copy of Quadrophenia on DVD. (Subject to availability/Price on application)

Now, do you have any more sensible questions?