your gokart trolley Warranty

Like all guarantees, there is small print, so here it is, nice and big.

  • The lithium battery is guaranteed for 3 years.
  • The lead acid battery is guaranteed for six months.
  • If something goes wrong in the first year with your trolley, we will either send you a replacement part, or we’ll repair your trolley.
  • Who decides whether we send a spare part, or you return your trolley for repairs back to us? We both do. We can make our recommendation for the easiest solution, but if this means a small amount of screw drivering on your part, and you’re not happy about that, no problem, back to mama your trolley will come.
  • Any accidental damage on your trolley is not covered by this warranty.

Immense care and pride have been taken in making each trolley.  It means a great deal to us that everyone is perfect. We are also just as keen to make sure that when required, our service backup is second to none. We’re reckoning on keeping a smile on your face well beyond the two years. We promise.